Why journey together?

Why journey together? Sermon 9 Oct 2016 by Rev. Michael Hydes

Sermons at The Village MCC

Sermons at MCC are in a variety of formats, from traditional teachings to interviews, poetry and song. Many sermons are given by Rev. Michael Hydes, but often there will be a guest preacher from the wider LGBT community, another church or religious organisation, and sometimes by other members of The Village.

All our sermons are recorded and uploaded to this website. The list on the right of this page shows the most recent sermons or you can visit here for a complete list.

Special events This Sunday 28th of June, Saturday 8th of August, and Saturday 5th of September

This Sunday is special in that Mary has created a service that highlights the relationship between the rich and poor in the world. Together, sat at tables, we will share a simple meal. For some it will be the meal of the poor, for others the meal of the rich,…

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