A message from Rev. Michael

After spending almost two years in Brighton I have become aware that there is a huge need in the community that isn’t being filled. Yes, there are plenty of LGBTQ welcoming churches, places that someone like me could go and not be censored for my sexuality or gender identity. However, these places are traditionally ‘straight’ churches that are making adjustments to let me in. As grateful as I am that some churches do that and make me feel welcome in their spiritual homes, I want a home of my own. I want a home that is distinctly mine.

I want a place where the foundation has been hewn from LGBTQ experiences and understandings. I want language that includes me, a liturgy that relates to me, and an understanding of the bible born from LGBTQ experience. I want my own spiritual home, one that is grounded in the LGBTQ community and serves the LGBTQ community. I want a Village Church in the old fashioned sense, a community that serves a community.

I don’t believe that any other denomination than Metropolitan Community Churches could support such a church. It is a denomination that was born in the late 60’s of the Gay community’s need to have a home of their own. It very quickly became a truly inclusive place where LGBTQ people could be themselves and celebrate their lives.

A group of around 15 of us have come together to create such a church in Brighton. It will meet in Kemptown and serve the LGBTQ communities of the south east. It will truly put people first in that we all believe that LGBTQ people are the intentional creation of a loving God and that God has a plan for our lives. Our sexuality and gender are an indivisible part of who we are and our spirituality is not separate to either. Integrating Sexuality, Gender, and Spirituality as followers of Christ enables us to listen more keenly for the guidance of God’s Spirit and find a deeper meaning to our lives.

Would you like to worship in such a church, or be a part of the ministry of such a church? Do you want to help LGBTQ communities both locally, nationally, and internationally? Do you want to make a difference and be a witness to the power of God in our communities? Very soon we will be holding public worship and you are very welcome if you’d like to come and join us. In the mean time if you have any questions you are very welcome to call!

I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. Watch this space and as soon as we have a date for a our first worship service I’ll let you know. If you’d like to join our email list then please email me at thevillagechurch@outlook.com and I’ll make sure you are included in our mailings. My phone number is 07476 667353. Please pray for us as we move forward.

May God bless you and guide you.

Rev. Michael Hydes.

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