A Minute’s Silence

solidarity-vigil-15-oct-2016Now we create a moment of quiet,
a slither of peace in a cacophony
of ignorance, negligence, and tacit approval.
A world where a life benign and loving
is met with a fear so great
that the naivete’ of violence is born.

We bow our heads to those who came before,
their beauty smothered and denied,
unencumbered by such waste their voices plea
count thee, in mindlessness and waste beyond.
Uncover in this moment their wonder, and their beauty,
and their grace, and our loss.

A moment out of time we hold our breath.
Halting a turn of the wheel in our stillness
we keep at bay in the liminality of silence
this dangerous beast – born of inscience,
tradition, and the darkest righteousness.
In a minute’s silence we hold, we remember,
and decry the hate in quiet.

by Rev. Michael Hydes
Written for 8th International Day of Hope and Remembrance Solidarity Vigil, Saturday 15th Oct 2016, in Brighton.

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