Anything I can do – we can do better!

henrydavidthoreau106041Dear Village,

Mary has planned a shared event for us this Saturday 9th May called “Anything I can do – we can do better”! Come and join in a fun afternoon of games that will help us connect through moments of excitement, laughter and craziness!! Starting at 2 pm with the ultimate Oreo challenge and finishing at 6pm after a shared meal (please bring along something to share).

Are you planning on joining us? If so, perhaps you’d drop me a line to let me know? It would help if we had an idea of how many folks to plan for.

I love the working title that Mary chose for Saturday afternoon. “Anything I can do – we can do better” would have been a great slogan for this election. Instead I think the working title for the election was “whatever he/she can do, I can do better”.  I’m just happy that it was over so quickly, unlike the USA when the whole process starts four years ahead, and six months prior to the election I’m already fed up with hearing about it.

As I write this I’ve just been to vote, and I have no idea what the final result for the country will be. I just hope that whoever is voted into power that they will focus on the needs of those who have the least in our society, the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Discrimination comes in many forms and my daily prayer is for an equitable society. As a church we have claimed Micah 6:8, that we are called to do justice and walk humbly with God. So I think whoever is in power we shall be watching, ready to hold them accountable should they abuse their privilege.

As a church we are learning what we can do together, how we are stronger when we look out for each other, and what it means to care for others as we would like them to care for us. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if our country did the same!

I pray you have a blessed week and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.



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