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It’s an unusual gospel in that it’s not in the regular canon of scripture, and has a very different style to those you know. In some ways, it has a very Buddhist flavour and yet I have found that you can very clearly hear Jesus speaking through it. You probably know Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John fairly well as they all have a story narrative. The Gospel of Thomas has no storyline and instead is simply a collection of sayings and teachings. It is thought to be the earliest Gospel written. There are lots of versions available free online, just pop ‘Gospel of Thomas’ into a search engine and it’ll come up.
We are going to take our time. It’s quite a short book, only 113 verses and no chapters, so we will explore each part in whatever depth you’d like. I think it’s going to be lots of fun!
The Gospel of Thomas may invite you to examine your understanding of faith and belief in wonderful depth. I hope you enjoy it.

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Now, [in the Gospel of Thomas], this Jesus comes to reveal that you and he are, if you like, twins…. And what you discover as you read the Gospel of Thomas, which you’re meant to discover, is that you and Jesus at a deep level are identical twins. And that you discover that you are the child of God just as he is.
Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas – Elaine H. Pagels

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