Board meeting and report – Friday July 6th 2018

Agenda for the meeting of the board of trustees

Friday July 6th 2018 7:30pm


  1. Opening Prayer.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting.
  3. Reports:
  • Pastor’s report (written)
  • Treasurer’s reports (written)
  • Lay delegate report (verbal)
  • Associate pastor’s report (verbal)
  • Pickle fund report (verbal)
  1. AOB to be scheduled in for this meeting?
  2. Safeguarding.
  3. Health and Safety.
  4. Working party to look at document wording.
  5. Guest Speakers
  6. Annual day retreat
  7. Drop in Centre (St. James Street).
  8. Pet service and BBQ
  9. Trans Pride.
  10. Pride
  11. AOB


Our Vision

We call for a world where LGBTQ people live free from discrimination.

Our Mission

We are called primarily to empower and serve the LGBTQ community.

Our Core Values

We are a Christian church called to do justice and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8).
We seek at all times to be honest, transparent, and true to our mission in the world.

Minutes for the meeting of the board of trustees
Friday June 8th 2018 7:30pm at Keith’s home.


Present: Rev Michael Hydes (Chair), Keith Fish (Treasurer), Wendy Burgess (Board Member)  Rev. Peta Evans (Board Member) Dameon Loukas (lay delegate)


Apologies: Sarah Barber, Simon Markham,

Opening Prayer: Rev. Peta

Minutes of the last meeting:

Proposed by: Wendy   Seconded by: Keith   Yes  ALL   

Pastor’s report:

Proposed by: Keith   Seconded by:  Peta  Yes  ALL

Treasurer’s report:

Proposed by: Michael   Seconded by:  Peta  Yes  ALL     

Assistant pastor’s report. A lot of work has been done in the garden –  special Thank You to Mary for all her hard work. Peta is hoping to introduce it to new people using the labyrinth and BBQ events. Putting together a comprehensive risk assessment has been difficult because many risks are being mitigated as the garden becomes more organised. Peta is organising volunteers to sign up for Trans pride.

Pickle fund report: Two payments in May, one to a homeless young man, the second to a young woman who’s benefits were held up during an accommodation change.

Safeguarding: General conversation about safeguarding responsibilities and boundaries. Although our response to some situations is clear cut, many situations will require a considered and prayerful team response.

Health and Safety: No issues


Working party to look at document wording.- Keith has printed them out.

Bear Weekend volunteer opportunities  – Bar volunteers required, Chris and Dameon have already volunteered.

Trans Pride. – Peta is going to put a volunteer request list.

Pride. – Rev. Michael to meet with Billie

Worship, look at a new hymnal and worship wording (Communion and worship introduction)

Pet service – if we are to hold the service at the day centre no pets are allowed. So we will use pics and personal items / not pets themselves.


Closing Prayer. Keith


Action points:

  • Michael to look at liturgy language, talk to Will about a new hymnal, and organise liturgy training to be scheduled before church one Sunday.
  • Peta to put out a call for Trans pride volunteers.


Pastor’s report for June 2018

On the first Tuesday of every month there is a meeting at my home. We read from the bible and a daily meditational, using the texts as the basis for discussion, We then chat generally about what’s going on with us and then close with a time of prayer. Numbers range from ten to two but it’s always a good place to take stock, reconnect, and move on.


Our new group, a fortnightly discussion group, Questions of Faith, met for the first time at the beginning of June. There has been good numbers so far (11, 12, ) and the discussion has been lively and varied. A big thank you to Charlie for hosting the group.


Chris and I took the beagles to the Camelford for a Peer Action Volunteers appreciation dinner and had a great time talking about the relationship between healing and faith. My DBS check is through so I will be joining the team at the next therapies event.


The Brighton Bear weekend was a huge success. Both Chris and Dameon volunteered as bar staff with The Community Safety Forum. They had a good day, despite the blow-up marquee deflating on them a number of times as the generator failed. Eventually they plugged into an adjacent cafe’s electric and were up and running for the rest of the day. Both of them did great work and the church was thanked for our help.


I did two episodes of Queersay with Andrew Kay.  I’m so glad that the right honorable Ivor Caplin will be joining us at the end of July to kick off our Pride celebrations. We spent time together recording Queersay’s 100th episode. He has spent many years working as a Labour politician. His story as an out Jewish Gay man is a remarkable one and I’m looking forward to him sharing with us.


The MP for Kemptown, lloyd Russell-Moyle, will be our PRIDE service keynote speaker. At just 32 years old I’m certain that he will help us to see PRIDE from a new and local perspective.


The Working to Connect AGM was on 23rd June. Charlie represented the church. He is doing a great job representing the church in the community and it’s wonderful that such a strong lay presence speaks for the church in this forum.


During June I held three pastoral meetings and met with Rev. Peta. Will and I met together to talk about a new hymnal and music in the church. I suspect July may be busier in the run up to PRIDE.






June ’18 Board Accounts for The Village Metropolitan Community Church

Opening  Bal at  31 May 2018                                  £5644.92


Collections                                                                 Attendance
03 June                                                    23.00            22
10 June                                                    38.60            21
17 June                                                    73.03            26
24 June                                                    62.70            30
Standing Order                                      626.50



Rev Michael                                          450.00
Rev Peta                                                  50.00
Ufmcc tithe                                           109.64
Costs /expenses                                    132.70
Rent Sundays                                       144.00


(conference transfer £100.00)

Balance in Account as at 30 June 2018                         £5582.41



Rev Michael                                       450.00
Rev Peta                                               50.00
Ufmcc tithe                                          72.38
Costs /expenses                                   88.90
Rent Sundays                                    180.00


forecast Balance available                                                                £4741-13


Keyboard fund                         £ 39.16
PickleFund                                 £ 983.13
Sleep Safe                                 £345.53
Community Works                   £ 71.92
Conference Fund                   £ 1050.00

General funds           Avail                                                  £2251.39

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