Happy EasterDid you give anything up for Lent? I gave up the telephone. Not on purpose, BT very kindly did it for me. For almost two weeks we’ve been without a land line. It’s the line everyone uses to call me on because the reception for the mobile is so rubbish in the basement flat. I’ve tried using Skype, and an app for my mobile that allows me to call over the internet, but none of it works 100% right. Who’d have thought in this day and age I’d miss a landline. Every day I pick up the phone to see if the line is back. There’s a sense of expectation, maybe today it’ll be back.

In Jesus day the Jews were waiting for the Messiah. There was a sense of expectation in the air, especially around passover. Maybe today will be the day the Messiah arrives. Maybe it will be subtly, gently, or maybe it will be dramatic and wild! Maybe the Messiah will smite the enemy. Maybe the Messiah will restore order and bring peace. ‘Hosanna’ means ‘come save us’ but over the years became a cry of praise. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday perhaps it meant both.

I feel the same sense of expectation this Easter. For our Seder on Thursday evening. For Mary’s event on Good Friday. For the baptisms on Sunday. For our service later that same day. Come to any/all of them, and come with a sense of expectation! Come looking for the risen Christ! Sometimes he comes in ways that are subtle and gentle. Sometimes he comes in ways that are dramatic and wild! Either way he does come, he will come. The question is – will you be ready and waiting?

Be blessed.
Rev. Michael

UPDATE: This morning the phone came back on. Hooray!

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