Feels like summer!

It definitely feels like summer is on the way. Yesterday I was with Simon at a Lunch Positive volunteers meeting in Kemptown. I decided to walk home along Marine Parade. Not only were there a number of guys not wearing shirts – the beach was crowded and some people were actually swimming in the sea! The water was as smooth as glass. A number of small yachts and boats lazilly drifted off shore, and a couple on jet ski’s were having fun riding the water too and fro. I felt that sense of satisfaction you get when you feel that you’re in the right place at the right time.


I believe that you are in the right place at the right time. I believe that you are an integral part of the journey we are all taking together at The Village MCC. Each one of us brings something special to the community. It may be that you can belt out a song, or make wonderful cakes, or give great hugs. Some of us are called into leadership, taking responsibility for the nuts and bolts of church life, whilst others of us have less tangible roles, supporting each other and the community at large. To bring our own peace, joy, and life into worship nurtures and feeds others; and on those occasions when we feel we have nothing to share we receive what we need from others, enabling them to experience the joy that comes from serving others too. Whether we come every week or just every few weeks we are a part of the story that God is telling about our community, for that is what we are; a living Gospel or ‘God Story’.

Together we are the living words and phrases with which God is writing. We are the ‘now’ in this chapter, alive with promise.

Yes, summer is on the way. Lighter evenings and warmer days. In it I hope that we find that life is a little easier. Not without problems and challenges, just that feeling that there’s a little more hope in the air and a relaxed joyous movement in life. I pray you have a wonderful Summer, and that as the Gospel unfolds within you and around you that peace and joy grasp you tight and do not let you go.

Blessings and Love


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