Groups, PRIDE & sunshine!

Dear Village,

the tuesday night groupLast night was the first of our Tuesday night groups and I loved every minute. We read a short bible text and a short devotional that was based on it. We then talked about what it meant to us, and each one of us had a different slant on the text. We then shared with each other the things that were lying on our hearts, some good and some difficult, and then spent time praying for one another. For me the experience was rich with God’s presence and a feeling of companionship, that for a few minutes we were aware that we are all journeying together. If you didn’t make it this week I hope you get to come and join us some time soon.

518062157_640[1]This Sunday I’ll be dressing up in my Pride costume.  And I encourage you to bring with you any clothing that you  think someone might like to wear – and that you’re prepared to give or lend. (Then please take what is not used home again – we don’t have any storage at the Community Centre.). Remember – a costume can be as simple or complicated as you like, and either single or mixed gender clothing works.
The weather this week is certainly not as good as it has been. It’s July and I think it’s rained every day – if only showers. And some mornings it’s been positively chilly. My father used to say ‘Just a mile from here and the weather’s beautiful’ and when someone asked ‘Where?’ he’d point up to the sky! Behind the clouds is a blue sky, a warm, sun, the perfect day.
If you’re going through difficulties right now, remember that things can change more quickly than you imagine. Just behind the clouds the sun is shining! We might need the help of friends to get there – but then that’s why God gave us  each other.
Have a blessed week
Rev. Michael.


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