I can’t believe it’s 2017 already!

I can’t believe it’s 2017 already! Looking back over 2016 it’s been a good year, although much of it was hard work simply because I’ve been struggling with my health. Thank you to all the board members and volunteers who helped so much and in so many ways; especially Anne, Nigel, Keith, Wendy, Simon, and Mary who worked in leadership in various ways, and to everyone who helped out with liturgy, especially Nigel, Robert, and Sarah, who all preached up a storm over the year! Thank you to my husband, who does SO much behind the scenes, to linda who has worked with Simon to provide refreshments every week, and to everyone else who has reached out in one way or another, (and I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten to mention you personally – I guarantee I’ll remember as soon as I’ve sent this blog out, lol!). It’s only been our second year but a year of change with a new worship format and exciting events to look forward to.

The first change I’d like to make this year is to this blog. Looking at the stats I can see that around half of the newsletters I send out are opened, but that very few click on the links to the various MCC and LGBT focused newsletters that I include. Now please don’t misunderstand me, this is not a criticism, it’s simply the way things work in this new digital world that bombards us with so much information. If you’re at church regularly why would you need to check out this blog? You’ll have heard all the announcements already!

I also realised that for the most part folks who never go to church wouldn’t read this blog, simply because it comes from a church. And yet I really would like to reach out to those who don’t come to church simply because I believe that there is loads of interest, if you have the time to look and listen.

So, I’ve realised that I needed to write two blogs. One for the church, with all the MCC newsletters and local news, and another that speaks as much to non believers as it does to those who go to church.
This newsletter will therefore now come out monthly and contain all the usual stuff. If you would like to see something covered that I don’t usually include then please let me know. If you’re reading this, then it’s for you.

Then twice a week a personal blog will come out that will include parables, teachings, and anecdotes that, for the most part, it would not be appropriate to publish as The Village MCC. The blog is www.bearlyreligious.com and at the bottom of the blog you can sign up for the regular updates if you like. But please be aware that these writings are NOT always nice and fluffy. I discuss difficult topics and use unusual genres (such as Horror) to write my messages. Having said which I do hope that you enjoy them.

Here at The Village MCC There’s a lot going on. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service with the highest attendance of any service at The Village to date. In February we will be hosting the Soul Safari days at the LGBT History tent and there’s already spirit journeys and radical faerie rite experiences arranged. It’s going to be a wild and wonderful journey. There’ll be conventional and mainstream workshops and events, as well as the truly ‘fringe’ experiences, all reflecting the vastly varied spirituality practiced in the LGBT community. It’s going to be so much fun!

I hope you have a wonderful new year, that God bless you richly, and that your journey take you to new and exciting places deep in the heart of Christ.

Be blessed.
Rev. Michael

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