News – 15 Oct 2020


This message come from The Church Board of ‘The Village’ MCC

Last Monday the 12th of October the church board met with representatives from MCC. This was to look at how we progress the church forward whilst Reverend Michael is on a leave of absence. There was much discussion about where we are, and it was felt and agreed that we should move forward as soon as possible with restarting our online worship on zoom and Facebook. The board will look at how best to facilitate this.

It was a clear point in the discussions that this period of transition is for the duration of Reverend Michael’s leave of absence, and that when his health allows him to return, he will be able to once again pastor The Village, but that could be some time. In the meantime, we need to keep things going as near to normal as possible.

During this period of transition, there will be no dramatic or permanent changes to how the church works. Support in constructing worship will be offered by Rev Peta from MCC North London, and Reverend Kate Harmer who has preached on a number of occasions at The Village. This involvement will be for worship only and no other role. They will not be pastoring the church. They will help by recording sermons and celebrating communion, other roles in services will continue to be provided by the congregation as at present.

In order to continue with our worship online, we do need more people willing to step forward to help with organising services, by contacting people to ask them to record sections and others to work on the technical side of ‘stitching’ the services together digitally, so that they can be shown online. We would like someone to take overall responsibility for overseeing the work of the worship team and if you feel that you can offer some help in any way,  please get in contact with the board by email

We are still able to access the services from MCC North London on Facebook and zoom, using the links below.

Looking a little further ahead, at the end of October we come to the end of our church year. Our AGM is held in early December each year and at this we review the past year, approve accounts & the next years’ budget and elect new members of the church board. At this years’ AGM, three of the current board are due to end their terms and we need more members who are willing to step forward to serve on the church board, to take us forward until the return of Rev Michael and beyond.

If you are willing to put yourself forward to be considered for the church board in any capacity, please again email the board as above.

If we are unable to find enough people to stand for office on the church board, then it will become extremely difficult for the church to function on into the future. Please therefore consider carefully what you can offer to your church community.

If you have any questions about these matters, please send them to the Board at the email above.

Until we are able to get services up and running again, MCC North London have invited us to join with them on Sundays at 7pm


Or on Zoom   please email for the passcode.

Please take time to Pray for Rev Michel and Chris, and for the Church Board as we move into this period of transition.

If you have any questions, please email, and a member of the board will get back to you.

Keith Fish
Treasurer and Temporary Chair of the Church Board.

Keeping up to date with MCC Internationally

Do you receive emails from the MCC denomination? There are updates on the way churches around the world are meeting this crisis, along with prayers, support, and much much more. If you would like check out what newsletters are available then please email:

A little note from Keith – The Village MCC treasurer

Giving to The Village MCC
‘The Village MCC’ is self-financing, we do not receive any central funding. If you would like to support the work we do, there are a number of ways to do so.

Regular giving:
If you would like to set up a regular monthly Payment to The “Village’ Church, which is the best way for us to budget for our work, Please email the treasurer at;, you will then be sent the details of how to do this.

Single donation
If you wish to make a single donation You can send a direct payment from your bank account using the following details From the UK:

• Lloyds Bank
• sort code 77-91-29
• account number 40361660
• account name The Village MCC
• Please use the reference ‘Collection’ • Please also email the Treasurer at to let them know to expect a payment.
• There is also a donate button on the Church Website at if bank transfer is not possible.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can still make a donation with your debit card. Please email the Treasurer at; to arrange a phone call to make this payment.

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