Newsletter March 2018

This Easter Sunday we are taking a special collection for the work of the Global Justice Institute. I thought you might like to see some of the things your money helped accomplish last year, and what we hope to accomplish this year.

Last year, your generous Easter Offerings empowered the Global Justice Institute to :

  • publish the first book of spiritual reflections for LGBTQI Christians in China to provide a resource for people worshipping in an “underground” context.
  • open a computer lab for children in Mtito Andei, Kenya, and saw our first students and hold the first Lesbian retreat in the area, with 10 women in attendance.
  • send a representative to the Eastern European Forum, a coalition of LGBTQI Christian groups in Europe, and their conference in Romania. Rev. Jim Merritt represented GJI, and in addition to speaking on the work of GJI, led a workshop that helped formulate a strategic plan.
  • continue our work in Honduras supporting the work of Ecumenicas, as they hold workshops in local neighborhoods to teach women how to advocate for reproductive justice and health care options.
  • support the work of Casa Misao in Maringa, Brazil and its outreach to and support of homeless LGBTQI peoples and those struggling with drug addiction.  Our investment helped the house remodel and achieve sufficient standards to qualify for future government funding.
  • be represented by Rev. Elder Pat as part of a group of 11 LGBTQI activists of faith from around the globe who spoke at the United Nations about faith and LGBTQI rights.
  • sponsor a speaking tour for The Rev. Dr. Boon Lin Ngeo in Taiwan regarding marriage equality.
  • provide financial support in the aftermath of the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the earthquake in Mexico, for two gay men in Uganda fleeing violence, for a gay activist’s mother in Uganda, and to a group in Chechnya helping gay men who have been targeted by the government get to safer housing

Our goals in 2018 include:

  • working with a young man to bring GJI and safe worship space to Zimbabwe;
  • strengthening and expanding our programming reach at our satellite location in Kenya and providing safe space for LGBT outcasts at our site;
  • drilling a well at our Kenya site, which the East African drought has necessitated, to provide clean and consistent water
  • expanding into western Kenya
  • partnering with a group in Mexico around work with Chiapas trans women. and a shelter for refugees in Bojay
  • continuing our collaboration with HIV/AIDS activists in Cuba, including supporting the securing of property and partnering on shared human rights projects with CENESEX;
  • expanding partnerships between local MCCs and GJI projects,

I’ve learned never to underestimate the amount of good that can be achieved by a small dedicated group of people who have a vision. Your money makes a real difference. Thank you.

I hope and pray you have a wonderful Easter.
Rev. Michael.


If you’d like to join us for the Seder on Thursday 29th March then please let me know asap. We’re holding the event at the Somerset Day Centre, where we normally worship, at 7:30 pm. There’s a full seder meal including lamb, Please let me know if you are a vegetarian. PLACES ARE LIMITED.

On Easter Sunday morning we are holding a baptismal service at Nigel and Gerry’s home in Worthing. If you’d like to attend or are considering baptism, then please let me know.

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