Non-Binary Experience with Fox Fisher

Non-Binary Experience with Fox Fisher. Sermon 30 Jul 2017 by Rev. Michael Hydes

The following is a transcript of the poem Fox read during the interview:

I can only be this
and I cannot be that.
It’s just the way I am.

I can only think thoughts that are only me, for it’s me and all that I am.

You can lock me up after wiring my head
and say words that I don’t understand.

You can strip off my clothes, but I don’t care, for it’s me and all that I am.

It’s no big deal to call me names,
and drug be ’cause you can.

For I know one day I’ll leave this place, to be me and all that I am.

And when the time comes that I leave this world
I will leave it as a man.

I will close my eyes knowing in the end, I was me and all that I am.


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