One Voice Initiative Update – March

Dear Village,

One of the projects that we are involved with as a church is the One Voice initiative. Understanding that what affects one community in our town affects all the communities in our town we are working towards better relationships between groups, creating a platform upon which very different communities can work together.

Please find attached the One Voice update report from the meeting that Jaz and I recently attended. It makes interesting reading and helps to give an insight into the problems that other groups face. Hopefully we can better understand the challenges that face each community, and together help to overcome them.

One Voice Update

The primary focus of The Village MCC is the LGBTQ community, and in understanding other communities I believe that we gain insights into the issues that affect our own. In truth they are often not that different, and the lessons learned by one community can help another to thrive.

If you’d like to be involved with this project please let me know.Love


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