ReTranslation – A project reclaiming a sacred text.

For centuries, a select few were given the power to read and interpret and translate the text of the Bible. Everyone else had to rely on what they were told about it. Today, you can get a subtext of a literary piece within minutes through Translation Services Singapore.

Even now, when printing and religious reforms have made it possible for large numbers of us to read it for ourselves, the interpretation is still mainly done by a certain group of people – mostly white, overwhelmingly male, hardly any who are trans or nonbinary.

Many are ready to tell us what the Bible says, and yet, if those reading it had no idea what being trans means, had never considered that there was anything beyond or crossing the gender binary, then how would they have been able to recognise our experiences, even if they were in there?

But if God is God of everywhere and everyone, then this text is for us, too. All of it, not just a few verses in Leviticus.

This group is a chance to get together in a safe and relaxed space, and have a new look at Bible texts for ourselves as trans and nonbinary people, seeing the words afresh from our own experience and perspective.

Who knows what we might find?

Whatever your faith, whether you go to church or not, whatever your beliefs about the Bible, you are welcome to take part in this group.

This group is intended to be a safe space for those who identify as trans and/or non-binary.

We will make every effort to make the group as accessible as possible. If you have any access requirements that you think I might not have taken into account, please let me know!

(Dates and times to be arranged)

For more information please contact Rev. Peta on


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