The Village News Easter Sunday

On Thursday 19 of us celebrated Passover with a meal. We shared the story of Israel and their redemption. We then shared a communion cup and plate, linking us with all of those who have gone before us. Then we ate together and talked about our own liberation. An anonymous donor gave the lamb (which was amazing), and others brought desserts. It really is my favourite service of the year. 

This Sunday is Easter Sunday and we are taking our second and final special Easter collection. This one is for the work of The Global justice institute. I would ask you please to give generously. I thought you might be interested to see where the money is going, both last week’s special donation and this week’s offering, so I’ve posted some details below.

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter, certainly the weather is glorious! Be blessed, wherever you are.


Rev. Michael 

PS. Rev. Peta is in this month’s Headline News. You can read it HERE

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