You are Woman

You are Woman #makeithappenIf you are a woman I’m talking to you. If you are a young woman, middle aged, or older woman, I am talking to you. Whatever your biology. Whatever your sexuality. If you know in your heart that you are woman, then I am talking to you.

You are amazing. You are precious. You are perfect. Wherever your journey may take you I am with you and my Spirit is the life that flows through you. I made you, and I made you well. I made you to be your own person. You don’t need anyone to complete you, for you are complete. You don’t need anyone to be your head, you have one of your own. You certainly don’t need anyone to be the measure of your heart, for it is immense.

I made you to be free, wild and free. Present a tame face to the world, but I truly know you. I know that there is a secret dance in your steps and a secret melody in your words. I know that you are all that you need to be for I see your dance and I hear your song.

I made you for you, a gift from me, and no one has the right to own you; in mind, body, or Spirit. To give away your power is to sadden my heart. I mourn whenever you see yourself as less, or believe that you need saving from some inherent Sin – as if that could ever be the case. You are the flow of Grace in action, powerful, unstoppable, amazing, for I made you to be so.

When you invite me to come I can feel your hands reaching into the world with my healing power. I look through your eyes and see the brokenness you long to knit together. My Creative Spirit touches you, I feel the power of your love calling my Name, and we become One. I am in your music, your laughter, the directions you give to the lost. I am the full measure of truth that flows in the melody of your life.

This day remember that you are Woman, and that you are ever pregnant with the world I want to create for you. It is within you, pressing hard to escape and be expressed. It is your right as daughter, mother, lover, friend. It is your calling, full in the expression of your unique and sacred Name.

Be free my daughter, be free. When you feel the air begin to move – spread your wings wide. When you hear the music – trace the rhythm to the beating of your heart. When you see the sun rise – rejoice. It is the day I made for you. Claim it, and be all that I made you to be. Free.
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