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We call for a world where LGBTQ people live free from discrimination.

(Our Vision)

We are called primarily to empower and serve the LGBTQ community.

(Our Mission)

We are a Christian church called to do justice and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8).
We seek at all times to be honest, transparent, and true to our mission in the world.

(Our Core Values)



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Welcome to The Village MCC

As LGBTQ+ people, friends, and allies, we understand that a truly diverse worship space is more than just a welcoming space. We have a vision of a church that truly reflects the diversity of all of our lives, and that is a celebration of all that we are in relationship with God. God not only loves you the way you are, God wants a relationship with you just the way you are. It’s the radical Gospel message of love that Jesus lived and preached. If you believe that God’s love is unconditional and inclusive, then you may have found a new home.

It’s why we’ve chosen to worship at the heart of the LGBTQ+ community in the Ledward Centre. We meet every Sunday at 6pm, although the ‘flavour’ of each Sunday may be a little different. Sometimes traditional worship, sometimes Evangelical worship, Sometimes Taize’ and a faith conversation, and sometimes a simple communal meal and social gathering. Where possible our services are streamed on Facebook the following day. 

Visit our Facebook page for our latest worship recording & click here for our latest newsletter.

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