About Us

Our Vision

We call for a world where LGBTQ people live free from discrimination.

Our Mission

We are called primarily to empower and serve the LGBTQ community.

Our Core Values

We are a Christian church called to do justice and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8). We seek at all times to be honest, transparent, and true to our mission in the world.

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What is a worship service like?

Every Sunday is a little different. On the first Sunday of the month we offer a blended worship service that should feel familiar to anyone that comes from a mainstream protestant tradition. The focus is ‘Traditional worship’.

On the second Sunday of the month it’s a little more laid back. We begin with some taize’ and then enter a faith discussion. Everyone is welcome to take part, or to just listen. The focus is ‘connection’, with God and with each other.

On the third Sunday of the month, we offer a lay-led service that would be familiar to anyone who comes from a mainstream Pentecostal or Evangelical tradition. Lots of praise and worship music, and a freestyle worship. The focus is ‘Evangelical worship’.

On the Fourth Sunday we share a meal. We might play games, chat, pray, support each other. It’s very informal and the focus is ‘community’.

Occasionally there is a fifth Sunday in the month – details of this will be in the diary on the website front page.

We do try to record and post all of our services on Facebook.

The First Sunday Service

We begin with a gathering song. Sometimes we sing contemporary Christian songs and sometimes traditional hymns.

We then offer a welcoming prayer, followed by a reading which is often taken from the Revised Common Lectionary and links into the message for the day.

Next is the message itself. Usually around 15 minutes long the message may sometimes be a conversation rather than a sermon, or even a sharing, story, or experiential offering. It’s usually brought by the Pastor, a church member, or a guest.

We then sing another song during which we collect the gifts and tithes of the congregation. (Please note that most members give regularly by direct debit and so don’t put anything in the plate as it passes. If you are an occasional visitor, then please don’t feel obliged to give. Perhaps you might like to write your details the slip provided and put it in the plate as it passes. We’ll keep you up to date with newsletters and occasional prayer requests).

Prayers and communion are often lay led and reflect the tradition of the person bringing them. During communion songs are played and you are welcome to sing along, or pray as you wish. We close with any announcements that we might have, a song, and a blessing that we all say for each other. We hope that you stay a while, enjoy our refreshments, and get to know us a little. The whole service is usually about 45 minutes to an hour long.


The style is often a reflection of the tradition of the celebrant and so can change week to week. The Village MCC offers an ‘Open Communion Table which means that you don’t need to be a member of this church, or of any, to share in this meal. Feel free to come with your lover, your friend, in a group, or on your own. It’s our custom to dip the bread into the cup and then serve you. It’s also our custom to offer a short prayer of blessing. If you would like prayer for anything special then please let us know. In order that everyone may feel welcome, we serve a cup that has no alcohol and bread that has no gluten.

The Third Sunday Service

Certainly different to our usual worship format, this style of worship will be much more familiar to those of us who come from a Pentecostal or Evangelical background. It’s a free style of worship, where the Holy Spirit guides the minds and hearts of those there to connect with God and praise God. The bedrock is the calling of the Holy Spirit and the response of the heart. It is a beautiful and experiential form of worship in which the whole self is itself an expression of worship. And if you enjoy worship music then you’re going to love this!

Pastoral Care

Although we are not professional counsellors, we do offer a listening ear and a sounding board for your thoughts. The Pastor and deacons are our primary carers, although they may make a recommendation to someone else based on your situation. It is our aim to help you find your own path. Whatever your sexuality or gender identity you will be encouraged to find your own answers and be empowered to make your own decisions. N.B. This is a confidential service and such confidentiality is only broken if it is deemed that someone is in extreme danger.


The Village MCC is funded solely by the donations given by its members and friends. We give a percentage of our funds to the fellowship to help fund the work of MCC around the world. Please see our website page for more details.

We hope that we have answered many of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to come to us with any other queries you might have.

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