Poetry with Alice Denny

Dear Village,

This coming Sunday the 27th September is a special day. It’s not just Belfast’s annual baby Day, or the beginning of freshers week for many colleges around the UK; It’s not just the day when the Worshipful Company of Woolmen will run the annual sheep drive across London Bridge, or the famous ukulele festival in Leeds (I know, it’s a desperate list), this coming Sunday is The Village MCC Poetry Sunday!

Joining us will be the famous poet Alice Denny, who is one of the few poets to ever hold my attention for more than a few lines. At Trans Pride this year she held a rapt audience of over a thousand completely enthralled with her verse. Alice will be telling some of her story and sharing some of her poetry with us this Sunday.

Besides this we’ll be singing some of our favorite songs, celebrating a sung communion that is accompanied by verse, and more.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Rev. Michael

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