Recovering The Sacred – Retreat Day

Dear Village,

I’m looking forward to hearing Alice Denny speak this Sunday, and I’m looking forward to our retreat in a couple of weeks! Both such special events!

I’m a lover of poetry, it has the power to stir me in ways that can’t be explained – only experienced. I’ve heard Alice speak twice and both times I was deeply moved. I hope you enjoy this special service as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it together.

sacredThe one day retreat is Saturday October 10th and runs from 10am to 4pm. It’s being held in the building where Wendy and Sarah live in Newhaven. If you need the address please just let me know.

retreatprogrammeIf you’re planning on joining us then it would help me if you’d let me know, just so I can make sure that I have enough materials available for everyone. The theme is ‘Recovering the Sacred’ and the day’s plan is attached here. We only have a short time together so there’s a little forethought involved. Please bring an object that’s special to you, or that you think of as sacred, and spend a little time thinking about the themes so that we can bring lots of different elements into our time together. It’ll be a relaxed and conversational day, you can participate or just observe as you wish. It would be great if you could bring a dish to share, and give me an idea if it’s going to be sweet or savoury. Personally I don’t mind a lunch of cake and ice cream but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

I like the theme ‘Recovering the Sacred’. It suggests that there are things that we may have once held sacred that we’ve let go of. Sometimes it’s for good reason, the things that once served us no longer do, but sometimes we let go of things that are a part of us and we miss them in ways that are subtle and deep. What is there that is sacred that we celebrate in our lives now? What makes a place or event sacred for us? What makes someone special, a teacher or friend perhaps, that we see them as special? As we journey together what are the sacred, special events that we need to plan for? The question ‘what is sacred to us’ is one that has many answers, but I believe in our community we each hold a piece of the larger picture and without you there will be a piece missing.

If you decide now to come then let me know. If you decide last minute to come the then you’re still welcome to come anyway, I’d love to see you either way!


Rev. Michael.

PS. some of the things that are sacred to me include a Micky Mouse Watch, a kilt pin, a collarless shirt, a figurine of three people huddled together, a vegetable peeler, a bible, and a photograph. I may choose any one of these – or maybe something entirely different!

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